Full Service Dental Laboratory


We are looking for sales representatives, nationwide.  If you are well spoken and have an excellent presentation, we will provide you with samples of revolutionary products to introduce to licensed dentists.  Start with your family neighborhood dentist or a dentist completely out of the area.  You decide!!!  Candidate will be provided with business cards, boxes and mailing labels along with a month to month productivity and payment history, along with a commission check.

Our Proprietary products have completely revolutionized the removable partial denture market.  A removable partial denture or bridge usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, which is usually connected by metal framework that holds the denture in place in the month.  Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw.  They remain in place by utilizing metal clasps or hooks that are extremely unattractive and eventually damage the tooth they hook on to.

Our proprietary product has completely eliminated the metal clasps, giving people their confidence back when smiling and talking as well as preserving the abutment teeth that the partial attaches to.


(Pics) Conventional Partial


Pics-Our Proprietary Partials


Pics-Our proprietary partial replacing conventional partial


If your sales exceed $50,000 a year, an additional bonus will apply, which will be discussed at a later time.  If at any point, you decide to terminate your position with our company, all product samples should be returned to our facility at no cost to you.  Commission with continue to be paid for one year thereafter.

With every new account, you will receive a onetime $100 bonus, plus a 10% commission after a case order.  The cost of our products ranges from $225-$375, payable by the dentist.  If you are capable of selling other products our dental lab manufactures, we will send you the proper samples applicable.  If you wish to speak to us directly, please feel free to contact 800-842-0046 or you can email us at INFO@PARAGONDENTAL.NET as well.  If accepted, candidate must pass a background check.  Come join us for an amazing job opportunity.

You will be presented with 2 samples, one in all thermoplastic material, fully flexible, monomer free, non allergenic and virtually unbreakable ( See Warranty).

Model 1: Is a thermoplastic Paragon brand partial that can be manufactured in most requested colors, translucent pink or translucent meharry (pigment).  Due to translucency of the material, the natural color of the gingival comes through for best esthetics results.

Model 2: Is for Dentist who would like to have combination of cast metal frame and paragon flexible clasps also available translucent pink and meharry.

Most asked Questions

1.  Can the material be reliable or repairable?

     Yes, all repairs must have to be done in our facility for the warranty to continue.


Paragon Dental guarantees all its products for a one full year. Paragon’s flexible Partials warranty is life time, as long as:

1.  If for any reason teeth fall out or fracture lines appears, we will pickup and deliver to your Dentist and repair the partial free of charge (model must be enclosed), Copy of warranty with Invoice Number appears on the Invoice.

 2.  Patients can choose any dentist they wish.

 3.  We can pick up in any state (U.S.A only)

 4.  If the Patient wants to send us the package, we will reimburse them for shipping cost (next day service and Delivery not refundable).

 5.  All repairs (adding an additional tooth or another clasp) must be done by Paragon Dental to continue warranty (copy of warranty is a must).

 6.  For a repair to be done, original models must be enclosed.

 7.   If for any reason we cannot repair the partial we will remake a new one free of charge to you or your License Dentist. (USA ONLY).